Nov 23, 2009

More from Mexico

Do enjoy Ernesto Carrillo's great photo's...

Here you can see:

Chichen Itza

Rescue Team

Nov 21, 2009

Mexico's clue !

Mexico's clue !, originally uploaded by ErnestoCarrillo70.
JO-JO & FRIKKE in Xochimilco, Mexico? This is one of the most iconic places in Mexico City. We will go there to investigate.

Nov 11, 2009

Clue flash!!!!

The team got at clue about Jojo and Frikke might be in Mexico!

The 3 Team is off to Mexico City. Stay 'tuned' and hear more very soon.

Oct 25, 2009

Northern Jutland, Hvalpsund, Denmark

Went to check at lead in Northern Jutland, Denmark.

At the only 'palm' beach in Denmark in the village of Hvalpsund there were no signs...


So we did hire Odin the Crane to get us up - 40 meters - to check the area from the skies - but still no signs og Jo-Jo and Frikke. And, darn we forgot our binoculars so we could not see that far (and it was cloudy and misty).


Oct 11, 2009

Going home for some well deserved R&R!

After the wiered experience with the ex-space force pilot named A.F. HQ decided to bring the 3 Team home for some rest and recreation.

The 3 Team could offcause not rest and recreate because they had heard that a hobo under a bridge north of the Danish Capital Copenhagen knew something.

They did find the hobo and went out to talk to him. They showed him the 'trophy' they got from the ex-space force pilot A.F.

Does the hobo know what it is and can he bring the team closer to find and rescue Jo-Jo and Frikke?


Aug 25, 2009


The team, while traveling through the badlands also known as Romania, suddenly disappeared. It seems like they were missing for almost two months before they were sighted again. Nobody knows where, when, how and why , but the following pictures might shed some light on this mystery... or on the contrary, it might deepen the enigma behind their story!!!

The 3's return from their mysterious abduction was all over the headlines! They suddenly appeared out of nowhere inside a spaceship, crashing into the roof of an Octan Gas station. Only they know the story behind their disappearance, and what happened at their meeting with a so-called ex-space force pilot named A.F.

A picture shows A.F. handing something over, the mystery thickens!! What importance can this object have?!

Photos and MOC by Adrian Florea ( LEGO AMBASSADOR ) ( Cluj Napoca )

Jun 11, 2009

Searching Madrid

The t3T followed a trail to Madrid and did spend some time looking around the Puerto del Sol (The door to the sun) - no luck. New Years have long passed (this is the place where the people of Madrid celebrate the New Years).

The team also searched the royal palace grounds (Palacio Real) - the guards would not let them in, so ...

While turning every 'stone' in Madrid they got wind of a sighting of Jojo and Frikke in Romania. Of they went - whats next?

Photos by Carlos

May 27, 2009

News Flash!!! The 3 Team spotted i Madrid, Spain

The 3 Team have been spotted in the capitol of Spain, Madrid.

Rumor is that the trail is very hot...

May 9, 2009

Breaking News: Danish Spies Escape!

The Team escaped in a red truck - Somebody helped them, wonder who? During their captivity they heard a rumor... Jo-Jo and Frikke have been seen in Madrid, the Capitol of Spain. I hope the team will reappear in Madrid and that they will be lucky this time and find Jo-Jo and Frikke.

Photo by Brickmania.

Apr 29, 2009

Danish spies caught in Brickmania!

The 3 team were 'caught' spying in Brickmania looking for Jo-Jo and Frikke. Trixie offcause started of babbeling about their innocence… maybe she will talk and talk and maybe they eventually will let them all go.

But so far no Jo-Jo and Frikke.

I am sure that Brickmania will let them go when they realise that the visa'a are genuine.

Apr 19, 2009

Following a trail

t3T are now on their way to Minneapolis following a trail of Jojo & Frikke. We all hope that the trail is a hot one...

Apr 16, 2009

Holland - Utrecht

Day 300 and something...

Searching the sunny contryside of Holland out-side Utrecht.

Well, I can tell you that Miss Trixie caught , ehm, something. But not Jojo or Frikke. They looked everywhere, dug out ditches, climbed trees, whatnot - but all traces led to nothing:

Where will the trail lead them next?

We are very proud to have Erik .ETI Smit's creative photography on this Blog. Enjoy!

Mar 31, 2009

1 year ago - Anniversary

Today, one year ago Johannes and Frederikke did send the LEGO minifigs Jo-Jo and Frikke out to travel the world. They have been around a big part of the world - France, Japan, Canada, Bolivia, Peru, Greece ...

It did not happen as fast as we initially hoped and then they disappeared!

When we realized, that they had disappeared for real, we decided to send a search and rescue team out to find them. t3T as the new team is called, is well on its way. They have been in Australia and Panama and are now on their way to Holland.

Our hope is that t3T will be travelling faster around the world and that they will not get lost.

The goal is to cover even more countries and continents in the next 365 days.

Mar 30, 2009

Hispabrick Magazine article - # 04/09

Article about this blog in spanish AFOL magazine Hispabrick:

Spanish edition

English edition

Problems with the Issuu link - click here: Hispabrick Magazine english edition

Mar 29, 2009

Portobelo, Panama

Portobello, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.
Photo by Birgitte Gronnebaek

Local Durch supporting rescue team

Photo by Birgitte Gronnebaek

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.
Photo by Birgitte Gronnebaek

ISP 3.2 ( International School of Panama )

Photo by Birgitte Gronnebaek

ISP t3T friends

Photo by Birgitte Gronnebaek

Rescue team has arrived in Panama – March 2009

The Lego rescue team has arrived in Panama and they have been so busy looking after Frikke and Jo-Jo that they haven’t had the time to send a message home.

The first place they searched was in the international school of Panama (ISP). Here they met some 3rd graders, who promised to help with the search in Panama.

Later that day they meet some local Lego men from Holland. They were also interested in helping.

Another day they went to the oldest city on the Pacific Coast Panama Viejo. This city was founded in 1519 and was the first European settlement along the Pacific. Unfortunately the city was burned by pirates in 1671 and today there are only ruins left and no signs of Frikke and Jojo.

After looking around for some days in Panama without result the rescue team decided to search at the Caribbean Coast of Panama in the old city called Portobelo (beautiful port). The name of the city was given by Christopher Columbus in 1502 on account of the beauty of its natural harbor.

But but but... Even though the rescue team asked a lot of people, local and tourists if they have seen Frikke and Jojo the answer was still : No signs of Frikke and Jojo in Panama!

Therefore the rescue team has now decided to continue their search in Holland as there are some rumors that they have been seen over there.

Good bye for now and we cross our fingers here in Panama that you will find our friends in Holland.

Kuna/Cuda Indian

Emma and Sarah

Feb 17, 2009

West Australia

We arrived in Perth, Western Australia - and after recovering from a bit of jetlag we went out searching for our friends.
The first thing we discovered in Western Australia was the long, long distances between everything, and it was quite difficult to cover the whole lot - but we did our best.
First of all, there was this nice Aussie bloke who told us that he had seen them at
Murdoch University and this was our first place to look. We looked in every room, the café, the library and the food court but unfortunately there was no signs of them,
Next, we went to the beach because a sheila told us that this was the place to look for people in the hot summer. Ohh… yes, there was a lot of people at the beach, but not many of them went out in the water. There has been a lot of
white sharks in this area. We got a bit worried that our friends had been attacked by a shark, but then a little boy told us that he had spotted two small guys at the local café DOME.
At this café we meet Mr. Wiceguy, and he had talked to our friends the day before. It was a scary story he told us about how our friends had walked for days in the bush without water, and almost got caught up in a
bushfire, but the last thing he had heard about our friends was that they had left the country with some strange guys. He couldn’t tell us whether they were bad or good guys, but the main thing is our friends are still alive!

We have received a letter from the headquarter that our friends have been spotted in Panama City, so we are off with the first flight to Panama.

Cheers The Trio Team (t3T)

Posted by Christel Nikolajsen, Perth, West Australia


Café DOME, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen

Murdoch University

Murdoch University, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen

At the beach at Perth, Western Australia

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen

Jan 19, 2009

The Trio Team - t3T

Here is the Search and Rescue team that will go out in then world and search for Jojo & Frikke and hopefully rescue them!

From left to right:

Mr. Trilby (the boss), Miss Trixie (the daredevil) and Mr. Trax Jr. (the pathfinder).