Feb 17, 2009

West Australia

We arrived in Perth, Western Australia - and after recovering from a bit of jetlag we went out searching for our friends.
The first thing we discovered in Western Australia was the long, long distances between everything, and it was quite difficult to cover the whole lot - but we did our best.
First of all, there was this nice Aussie bloke who told us that he had seen them at
Murdoch University and this was our first place to look. We looked in every room, the café, the library and the food court but unfortunately there was no signs of them,
Next, we went to the beach because a sheila told us that this was the place to look for people in the hot summer. Ohh… yes, there was a lot of people at the beach, but not many of them went out in the water. There has been a lot of
white sharks in this area. We got a bit worried that our friends had been attacked by a shark, but then a little boy told us that he had spotted two small guys at the local café DOME.
At this café we meet Mr. Wiceguy, and he had talked to our friends the day before. It was a scary story he told us about how our friends had walked for days in the bush without water, and almost got caught up in a
bushfire, but the last thing he had heard about our friends was that they had left the country with some strange guys. He couldn’t tell us whether they were bad or good guys, but the main thing is our friends are still alive!

We have received a letter from the headquarter that our friends have been spotted in Panama City, so we are off with the first flight to Panama.

Cheers The Trio Team (t3T)

Posted by Christel Nikolajsen, Perth, West Australia


Café DOME, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen

Murdoch University

Murdoch University, originally uploaded by schioldannvoneyben.

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen

At the beach at Perth, Western Australia

Photo by Christel Nikolajsen