Apr 29, 2009

Danish spies caught in Brickmania!

The 3 team were 'caught' spying in Brickmania looking for Jo-Jo and Frikke. Trixie offcause started of babbeling about their innocence… maybe she will talk and talk and maybe they eventually will let them all go.

But so far no Jo-Jo and Frikke.

I am sure that Brickmania will let them go when they realise that the visa'a are genuine.

Apr 19, 2009

Following a trail

t3T are now on their way to Minneapolis following a trail of Jojo & Frikke. We all hope that the trail is a hot one...

Apr 16, 2009

Holland - Utrecht

Day 300 and something...

Searching the sunny contryside of Holland out-side Utrecht.

Well, I can tell you that Miss Trixie caught , ehm, something. But not Jojo or Frikke. They looked everywhere, dug out ditches, climbed trees, whatnot - but all traces led to nothing:

Where will the trail lead them next?

We are very proud to have Erik .ETI Smit's creative photography on this Blog. Enjoy!