May 22, 2010

Back home from Greenland!

T3Team together with the new Collectibles

The rescue team is now safe back in Gentofte after their cold and stressfull trip to Greenland. Just in time to pose together withe the first collectibles from LEGO.

May 9, 2010

Uummannaq Greenland - Grønland

Uummannaq 04 - By Chris Paton

The team seaching for Jo-Jo and Frikke at the Uummannaq fjord with the Uummannaq mountain in the background. A local "hunter" - Chris Paton - took them on a dog sledge ride - The Qamutit, as the dog Sledge is called locally, is a magnificant vessel for travelling.

Miss Trixie did find a new toy/tool - a hook. It might come in handy along the way.

Uummannaq 02 - By Chris Paton

Uummannaq 03 - By Chris Paton

At some point the team got of to investigate - and the search almost ended right there! The melting snow (Aput) almost lost our Miss Trixie to the Fjord. Luckily she had her newfound hook with her!

Uummannaq 05 - By Chris Paton

Uumannaq 10 - By Chris Paton

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