Mar 29, 2009

Rescue team has arrived in Panama – March 2009

The Lego rescue team has arrived in Panama and they have been so busy looking after Frikke and Jo-Jo that they haven’t had the time to send a message home.

The first place they searched was in the international school of Panama (ISP). Here they met some 3rd graders, who promised to help with the search in Panama.

Later that day they meet some local Lego men from Holland. They were also interested in helping.

Another day they went to the oldest city on the Pacific Coast Panama Viejo. This city was founded in 1519 and was the first European settlement along the Pacific. Unfortunately the city was burned by pirates in 1671 and today there are only ruins left and no signs of Frikke and Jojo.

After looking around for some days in Panama without result the rescue team decided to search at the Caribbean Coast of Panama in the old city called Portobelo (beautiful port). The name of the city was given by Christopher Columbus in 1502 on account of the beauty of its natural harbor.

But but but... Even though the rescue team asked a lot of people, local and tourists if they have seen Frikke and Jojo the answer was still : No signs of Frikke and Jojo in Panama!

Therefore the rescue team has now decided to continue their search in Holland as there are some rumors that they have been seen over there.

Good bye for now and we cross our fingers here in Panama that you will find our friends in Holland.

Kuna/Cuda Indian

Emma and Sarah

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