Aug 25, 2009


The team, while traveling through the badlands also known as Romania, suddenly disappeared. It seems like they were missing for almost two months before they were sighted again. Nobody knows where, when, how and why , but the following pictures might shed some light on this mystery... or on the contrary, it might deepen the enigma behind their story!!!

The 3's return from their mysterious abduction was all over the headlines! They suddenly appeared out of nowhere inside a spaceship, crashing into the roof of an Octan Gas station. Only they know the story behind their disappearance, and what happened at their meeting with a so-called ex-space force pilot named A.F.

A picture shows A.F. handing something over, the mystery thickens!! What importance can this object have?!

Photos and MOC by Adrian Florea ( LEGO AMBASSADOR ) ( Cluj Napoca )