May 9, 2010

Uummannaq Greenland - Grønland

Uummannaq 04 - By Chris Paton

The team seaching for Jo-Jo and Frikke at the Uummannaq fjord with the Uummannaq mountain in the background. A local "hunter" - Chris Paton - took them on a dog sledge ride - The Qamutit, as the dog Sledge is called locally, is a magnificant vessel for travelling.

Miss Trixie did find a new toy/tool - a hook. It might come in handy along the way.

Uummannaq 02 - By Chris Paton

Uummannaq 03 - By Chris Paton

At some point the team got of to investigate - and the search almost ended right there! The melting snow (Aput) almost lost our Miss Trixie to the Fjord. Luckily she had her newfound hook with her!

Uummannaq 05 - By Chris Paton

Uumannaq 10 - By Chris Paton

Here is where it is:

Vis stort kort

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